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Basic math that I knocked out last night:

$820 per month for rent (apartments in Austin can be found as low as $665)
$290 per month for groceries (the average american spends $287 on groceries)
$120 per month for bus (assuming that the bus is being taken 4 times a day - twice there and…

this is like communism. perfect in theory but never in practice.

what if:

  • you own a car: car payments, gas, maintenance?
  • your utilities aren’t included in your rent?
  • public transit is nonexistent or cannot get you to work?
  • you don’t get paid every week?
  • you don’t work 40 hours/week? or even every two weeks?
  • you have other bills outside of utilities? cell phone, internet/cable?
  • you live in the general parts of America where minimum wage is still $7.25?
  • what if the rent for that apartment goes up without notice, as many can do?
  • renter’s insurance?
  • what if your apartment isn’t fully furnished?

and what about:

  • healthcare and medical expenses
  • those ‘oh fuck my life’ moments that everybody has that eventually cost money?
  • credit card bills?
  • student loan debt?

so in general:

  • if you’re an average (since that word was used) college student this doesn’t work
  • if you have children this doesn’t work
  • even if you’re the average adult this doesn’t work
  • it’s fucking absurd to leave yourself $10 worth of wiggle room per month, like really that’s asking life to fuck you over

(Source: whyblessyourheart)